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Play Pangu


Celebrating the recent Chinese New Years and the "existing before the beginning" theme of our Ouroboros, our game is a narration of the Chinese creation myth. In oriental culture, there is a tradition of story-telling through re-enactment and play, so we wanted to tell our story through kite fighting--a popular sport in kite festivals.

Re-enact the ancient Chinese creation story of Pangu in this two player game. Using WASD or the arrow keys, fly your kite through the sky to collect elements and/or steal elements from the enemy player by flying through them. Once you collect enough elements, your player will flash and you must eat your own tail to create the Earth and win the game.

There is an option for a third player who takes the role of an all powerful Deity. He can use the mouse to alter elements in the game, including the position of the clouds and elements by dragging and can cast lightning by double-clicking. The person in this role is determined by the winner of the two player game.




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