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The Parasite

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
The original concept was to make a 2-player game where one player plays a slot machine (casual) gradually losing money. In order to keep playing, they need a hardcore player, who plays a very challenging shooter, to keep them supplied with money. The game is unfinished partially because of illness, but mostly because my design was way too ambitious.
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Platform note: 
Atari 2600
Brief Play Description: 

Press left/right on the joystick to pick a color. Press the button to change the wager between 2$ (1 hashmark) or 6$ (2 hashmarks). You have 5 seconds.

Then the wheel spins for 5 seconds. If the color picked (indicated by an arrow) matches your color, you win an amount equal to your wager. If you picked wrong, you lose an amount equal to your wager.

Due to a bug in the scoring code, you can actually leave it playing by itself forever: The money total will never get down to 0. :)

Diversifiers and Credits
GGJ 2012 Diversifiers : 
1D: (Single-dimensional gameplay) The game takes place along only a single dimension.
Team Image: 
Thanks to Ian Bogost (for the TextMate Plugin), Fred Quimby (for the Harmony Cartridge), and the Stella and AtariAge communities for making it so easy to develop for Atari 2600.
Installation Notes: 

Play on Mac/PC/Linux via Stella, here: http://stella.sourceforge.net/

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