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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
The Minotaur Magician Malevolus is conspiring to sink Greece into the sea! You have been chosen by the gods to defeat him. Climb his ruined tower, defeat his minions, and bring peace to the land! If you fall, the gods will stand you up again, but only nine times, so take care!
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Brief Play Description: 

Your goal is to defeat the evil Minotaur Malevolus. Control your character using the arrow keys, and pressing "Z" to attack. You can pick up javelins throughout the level, press "X" to throw them. If you're in mid-jump, you can even throw a javelin straight down by holding"down" and then pressing "X". If you die, you are sent to the underworld. There, you move freely using the arrow keys. In the underworld, there are ancient amulets that can increase your speed, jump, health, and attack powers in the overworld. Find the portal to return to the overworld and complete your task. Watch out, though! in the underworld, there are ancient demons that will consume your soul, and keep you from ever returning to the land of the living. Also, though the gods have given you this task, their patience is not infinite. The tenth time you fall, they will not let you return.

Diversifiers and Credits
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Aaron Chapin
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