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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Everyone thinks he/she is awesome. problems are others and he is great. most people approach others in life like they are in war with each other. we could not change this, but we simulated it. everyone which joins the battle in this game see others as deamons but himself as a good creature. He'll pass one day but with the next person scenario will start again. same stuff and same wars and same thoughts. history is an infinite loop and advancement of human beings if existed we were not in this situation today.
Mac OS X+
Web browser with plugins (Unity player, Torque,...)
Brief Play Description: 

build the server scene and client one or use the files in the release folder. if you want to build web player clients then uLink's policy server is required which is not included.
we used uLink from www.muchdifferent.com for multiplayer which can be downloaded in their website as trial version.
policy server is in the package that you'll download from there too.
players can join the game after starting the server. any client in any platform just should enter server ip and port. by default port is 5736 but you can start server and send a commandine arg to it and the number sent will be the port number. like
server.exe 9110
by sending -batchmode after port number server will start without any window.
controls are standard, click for doing spells and W,A,S,D to move and shift to screme (screme is something for fun with no meaning).

the game has bugs and the map design is not that suited cause game's idea changed after map creation. the code is the most stupid one we've ever wrote due to many hacks and ...
we bloged about our experience at http://unity3dgamedev.blogspot.com
things were not going as expected at all. Read the blog for more information but the fun factor is that the multiplayer part instead of being our problem became our savior due to the great tech of MuchDifferent.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
programmers Ashkan Saeedi (the prouble maker) Sina AleAli modelers Mahdi Matoori Hossein Safa other stuff is done altogether.
Installation Notes: 

No installation is needed just run the server either on mac or windows and connect clients to it. if you get "Failed To Connect" check the firewall settings for the port to be open and as said above to be able to run web player clients which we did not build and you should build yourself you should run uLink's policy server which can be downloaded from the provider's website at http://www.muchdifferent.com
you should also be able to build android and ios clients by only changing movement code and make it depend on either acceleration of the phone or some on screen buttons instead of keyboard. touch should work however we did not test it at all.

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Makoto Goto

Good job!!

I want to make a online game next GGJ too.
Good job!!

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