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Play Phoenix Forever


You are a phoenix. Lowly crows are jealous of your firey glory, and chase you with the aim of stealing your fire. Avoid them. As everyone knows, Phoenixes die and are reborn in a firey explosion every thirty seconds or so. Use this explosionto destroy the crows. Collect Elements - fire, earth, or water - in specific sequences (Given on the side of the screen) to form combos which trigger power-ups. Some powerups make your eventual firey death bigger and deadlier, or make you explode sooner (Which is a good thing). Some make you faster and stronger - but remember, when you go boom, so do all your accumulated powerups!

About the explosion:
The explosion radius denoted by the pulsing runic circle.
Time until next explosion is in the upper left corner of the screen.
Runic circle pulses faster and faster until you explode!
You have 8 health. Each crow you touch makes you lose one health (and triggers a short period of invincibility) - but every time you explode, your reborn self is fully healed.
You score points based on how many crows are trapped and burned to a crisp in your runic circle when you explode.


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