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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Admit it: You always wanted to transform your enemys with the power of COLORS. Go into SPACE which happen to look like a party world and create friendship with your PONY. Dont expect to understand what your doing.
Brief Play Description: 

This game requieres an Xbox360 Pad.
Use the left stick to move, right stick to aim, left trigger to jump, right trigger to shoot and the b-button to stomp. Enemys show different reactions depending on the color of the laser you hit them with. The color changes automaticly, you can see the current color glowing at the tip of the horn. By stomping you can destroy cracks in the floor and thus create a new path if you cant continue.
Be carefull, forcs and candles can hurt you.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Kai Rohmer - Programming; Peter Herold - Programming; Kevin Michael - Sound and Level Design; Ralf Gehrke - Graphics;
Installation Notes: 

we've had some issues with older hardware.. if it's not running please try on another machine.. maybe the "Visual Studio 2010 Redist x86" (even on x64 Systems)

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like the impressionistic approach to this, visible brush strokes and plain awesome colorfulness!
music like "loituma - ievan polkka" or "nyan cat" is missing ;-)

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