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the Quest for the Holy Fail

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
An Epic fantasy RPG. Use yur weapons, defeat monsters and level up to save the princess.
Platform note: 
Must be installed in order to run
Brief Play Description: 

Battle your way through the dark dungeon of the Dragon King to rescue the princess ang get the tresure.

Over 100 unique weapons and items helps you on your way towards your target. Pay close attention to the attributes of the different items, to succeed in your quest.

Controlling the character with the arrow keys, and return and space, the objective of the game is to overcome the dangerous dungeon of the Dragon King. Advanced turn based battle engine farces you to choose the best attacks and weapons for each monster, to have a chance to defeat the dragon king, and win the game.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Justesen, Schmitz, Schmitz, Kristiansen & Hansen Creative commons music: Slumber/Sycamore Drive Welcome to Microhorror/Dr_Von_Pnok Crazy Games/Crazy Games - Wake Up Awaken, Child/Sycamore Drive
Installation Notes: 
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Was awesome

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