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Quest for Indimmortality

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
the idea is there, the back end system is there, we have passive networking... But gameplay is limp. Thinking about making it into a fully fledged idea after the jam If you like the music it was doen by: Gavin Harrison - http://www.gavinharrisonsounds.com and if you want to know about the idea being taken further follow @arndreth and @TheCodeTroll
Brief Play Description: 

The idea (WAS) that you are a struggling indie alchemist, with no ties to a guild or outside forces, trying to achieve the ultimate alchemist goal!
(the philosophers stone duh!) immortality.

You start off with 4 of the most basic my-first-alchemy starter kit elements.
from these you are to try to make new ingredients by mixing 2 ingredients in one of the pieces of equipment on his work bench.

as you progress you get more and more ingredients, which gains you access to being able to calcinate the next type of metal.(just like a real alchemist!) Aiming to get to gold!

WE had other ideas(but decided there wasnt enough time in a group of 2 programmers, where one has to do art, to implement them).

There was going to be a shop, where if you ran out of needed materials, that you could buy some basic ingredients to make more of what you need, with the ability to sell your stuff to them as well.

Diversifiers and Credits
GGJ 2012 Diversifiers : 
Connectivity: (Two GGJ games that interact) This game somehow interacts with at least one other group’s game.
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