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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A pyramid-building tile-sliding tower defense game. Protect the Aztecs in the continuous cycle of civilization and destruction.
built with GameMaker:HTML5
Brief Play Description: 

Click to slide tiles with both towers and enemies on them. Tiles hit by the moved tile activate if they share the same background, either firing (in the case of towers) or attacking (in the case of enemies). Try to build up enough score in one of three difficulty levels to construct a step pyramid from your tiles and win the game by raising civilization.

There are three types of towers:
-Soldiers: Damage all enemies horizontally or vertically adjacent to them.
-Jaguars: Damage any enemies on the tile that activated it and the tile beyond that, does double damage.
-Healers: Removes one damage from towers horizontally or vertically adjacent.

There are four types of enemies:
-Conquistador: Damage horizontally or vertically adjacent towers.
-Smallpox: Damages all adjacent towers when it does, has low health.
-Greed: Deals double damage, behaves like Conquistadors.
-Persecution: Damages all adjacent towers when activated.

The puzzles get harder as you get closer to the power needed to build your pyramid.

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