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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
The phoenix and the ouroboros are two mythological symbols of life and death, rebirth and immortality – and the rivalry between the two is ancient and fierce. Play as a phoenix against hordes of undead in your quest to defeat the ouroboros and become the true immortal. Use the fires of your own death to destroy your enemies, and rise again to make the power of your enemies become your own weapon.
Brief Play Description: 

Play as the Phoenix in this side-scrolling shooter where your death is your most powerful weapon. The fires of your death and rebirth destroy your enemies, leaving flames that add to your lifeforce. Call your collected flames to swirl around you as a shield,or cast them before you to burn the armies of the undead, but be careful – your fire won't burn forever; every second drains your energy. Use your enemies' own lifeforce against them as you battle your way to the Ouroboros for the final duel. For the loser, there is only disgrace and the final death. For the winner, the prize is glory and true immortality.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Dan Wright: President, lead programmer. Nick Budd: Vice President, programmer, assistant artist. Jamie Smith: programmer, tester. Jacob Gould: lead artist. Many thanks to Steven Batchelor-Manning, MD of NerfGames, for support and guidance. Thanks to NerfGames for the NerfCore engine.
Game Files: 
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