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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
In reinKARMAtion you are an animal which has to solve a puzzle. During the game you can collect Karma. If you die, you will be reborn as another kind of animal, depending on how much karma you have. Sometimes you have to use this feature to solve the puzzle. So if you mission is: "eat the rabbit" you have to start as an ant for example, you will first have to become a rabbit, die, be reborn as a snake and then you might be able to eat the rabbit. Sadly the project not finished due to technical and temporal problems. Anyway, we made a preview build to show how it could have looked like.
Linux / Unix
Brief Play Description: 

Control the rabbit with the arrow keys.
The application can be closed by pressing escape.
Maybe there will be an action key at space in the
future, but for now that's all.

Diversifiers and Credits
GGJ 2012 Diversifiers : 
I know what you did last…: (Game changes between sessions) The game mechanics or content will change in the next play session, based on the actions taken in the previous session.
Team Image: 
Kolja Lubitz: Programming, 3D-Art Carsten Pfeffer: 3D/2D Art, Programming Mareike Schnaars: 3D-Art
Installation Notes: 

The "reinkarmation.zip" is a Windows build, generated by Blender 2.61
The "reinkarmation.tar.gz" is a Linux build, generated by Blender 2.61

under Windows Python might be required

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