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Game Information
Brief Play Description: 

From Ouroboros symbol. We think about "infinity" and "The life cycle" looklike something die and then was reborn same phenix. And then we think about some animal live in the world for a long time Is "Peter" or "cockroach". Peter is main character in this game.

In this game Peter are running in the ouroboros ring for living for a long time. And then Peter have to dodge from "Bad Box"(Bad Item for make Peter Barrier) or keep "Good Box"(Good Item for Help Peter living for a long time)

How to play


Move Left = "A" or "Left Arrow Key"
Move Right = "D" or "Right Arrow Key"
Jump = "W" or "Up Arrow Key"
Pause = "ESC"


Good Item Box
1.Speed Bull Box = Increase Move speed
2.Double Score Box = Double Score
3.Armor Box = Immortal 4 Second
4.Random Box = Random Item Speed Bull, Double Score, Hammer, Ice

Bad Item Box
1.Bomb Box = Dead, Die
2.Hammer Box = Stun 4 Second
3.Ice Box = Slow 4 Second
4.DDT Box = Dead, Die

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