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Royal Rumble

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Royal Rumble is a scramble to destroy your opposing princess's castle while fending off her attacks and repairing the damage to your own. Your weapon is exploding animals, hurled from the windows.
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Brief Play Description: 

Your castle has three floors. Your actions: throwing animals, of which you can carry five at a time; repairing the level of the castle you're standing on; climbing from floor to floor; and extending your parasol to block incoming projectiles.

There are three animals: snakes, which fly straight across to the floor facing theirs; mongeese, which fall one floor if possible as they fly; and doves, which fly up one floor if possible. When you load up you receive five randomly selected animals, which are displayed at the top of the screen. All of the animals do the same amount of damage. The remaining health of your three floors is shown at the top as well; they all receive equal damage regardless of where the animal hit the castle, but must be repaired one at a time. You lose when all three of your levels have been brought to zero health.

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