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Rumples compares the use of the Oroborous in many cultures in this RPG of self discovery.
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For Rumples, I tried to use the Ouroboros theme as many ways as I could. A few of the levels have the snake imagery integrated, and there are snakes in the game as well. The main characters have mostly lived before. If you die in the game you start all over also, no to be continued. Since the term is Greek, I wanted to use some Greek influences. I decided to also make the characters speak Greek and one of them not understand. This is reflective of the "dawn state," expressed by the Ouroboros. I also made sure the game included alchemy influences as well. I think another interesting aspect is the idea of the Chrysopeia Ouroboros of Cleopatra. It was some of the first iconography I thought of so I included
Isis as a character. The story line documents not only the life-death-rebirth cycle of characters, but the quest for self and changing of seasons. One of the characters also believes someone is playing a trick on her and references the Norse God Loki suggesting multiple deities coexist with some checks and balances in this world. Since this iconography is shared in multiple cultures. The beginning of the game is largely in Greek, however, I tried to use phrases that would be easier to understand without knowing it (from context clues). If I had more time I would add additional worlds with other old languages such as Latin, Sumerian, Arabic, Hebrew, etc. To show the similarities and evolution of language, which is constantly changing and evolving as well. The first puzzle of the game is a Rosetta stone type cipher for example, however due to the potential difficulty, I made it optional to game play. root words are something you learn more so from noticing similarities, instead of studying them necessarily, I think that there is an educational benefit in the immersion. I would like to do other immersion type games possibly in the future as well. Perhaps with modern languages. I think I will try to keep the game size under 200mB, so that it can be used
by many people around the world.

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