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Run, Atom, Run

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
It turns out that your world is a snake, and that it has awoken after a very long sleep. When your world is turned upside down you must run from the snake as it tries to devour you and unravel the mystery of why the snake had awoken.
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Brief Play Description: 

Run, Atom, Run is a game in the traditional "Run Right" tradition. We have crafted simple environ based puzzles that will challenge the player as they attempt to outrun a giant snake that is in fact they world they live on.

Diversifiers and Credits
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Brianna Lutmer

Everyday I'm Stumbling

Would you be able to post a link to that animation you had of the guy stumbling with LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem song playing?


Concept Art Online!

Hey everyone - I've posted high-quality versions of the cutscenes and concept art in this gallery: Click Here

More than likely they're already included in that monster of a zip file, but I'll post it anyways to save some time. (Spoilers included for anyone who hasn't gotten through the game yet.)

Jimmy C

Working Model

I just played a 3-odd minute game from just the exe. Good work, fellas!


The game.

I honestly have no idea why why the game refuses to behave when it is downloaded..sorry guys. If we figure something out soon we will re-upload the game. In the mean time see if just the .exe file download I added gives you any problems.

Chibi Pika


Whoaaa...did you guys mean to zip up your entire work folder in the download??? It's 230mg!!! And even the game exe is 60mb--my computer froze instantly when I tried to play it.



Judges onsite recognized Run, Atom, Run! for:

Outstanding Visual Art

Outstanding Overall Game

Jammers' Choice



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