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Run for Your LIFE!!!

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
This is a game of Reincarnation. You play a character that has to go through the cycle of life only that you end up in 4 different yet evolving eras. You must avoid any obstacles that will put an end to your cycle of your LIFE!!! LIFE IS PRECIOUS!!!
Brief Play Description: 

You start off in the stone age as a baby, trying to avoiding obstacles before growing into a man, then a old man and then a ghost. After all that a new era kicks in and you will repeat the life cycle again, avoid newer obstacles as you progress in LIFE!!!

There are 4 eras to live through. Try you best to live your life to the FULLEST!!!

X = Jump
Z = Slide

Tip: Press and hold X or Z keys to prepare your timing before releasing them.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
The Team: Krishnan - 2D Artist Yungs - 2D Artist Yi Hao - 2D Artist Thoo - Programmer Music: Web Runner by Zero-Ressurected Dungeon Runner by Doneveno Small Speedrunner by gasguy Mind over Fear by Ritz190 Also Thanks To: Buzz, Ivan, Kevin, IGDA Malaysia and Friends (^_^)_b
Game Files: 
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