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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Runningball is played by 2 or more players who want to go for a run. Players throw virtual balls back and forth to specific locations on a map, and each must arrive there to "catch" the ball and throw it back." The goal is to score points by keeping the ball in motion (which means running back and forth to the chain of locations while your partner does the same. Can play in groups.
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
generic mobile platform
Platform note: 
SMS game that interacts with any browser (web, mobile)
Brief Play Description: 

First player goes to the web and invites one or more players to a game of RunningBall. A text message is sent and the other player(s) must accept the challenge! When the second player accepts the game, they must click on a map as a way to aim before they throw the ball to the first player. Once that ball is thrown, they are shown on a map where the original ball was thrown to them. (There are as many balls in the air as there are players). More players can play, but this description is for 2.

Once both balls are in the air, both players start running. They each run to the pin on the map and click "I'm Here" when they arrive, which triggers an SMS to the thrower that the ball was caught, and they must choose another location on the map to throw back the ball. Game continues until one player quits throwing or catching.

If a ball is thrown somewhere too far, somewhere impossible (e.g. in the water), or somewhere a player doesn't want to go for any reason (think steep hills, highway, or dark alley), they can click "Bad idea" which sends a message back to the thrower to throw again.

The first throwing of the ball is probably through a web-browser on a computer, but subsequent throws are likely through a smartphone browser (updates & links are sent through text). The game could be user for:
* Exploration where you send people places, randomly in your city or while traveling
* Running with friends who live far away
* A fun way to run because you don't know where or how far away you're going next
* A game of "chicken" to see who will stop running/catching or throwing/leading first!

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
By Nick Reid, Julie Price, Kevin Tong
Installation Notes: 

To play the game, just visit: http://you.runningball.me

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