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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
2D platformer where the main character lives through different incarnations, each with a unique soul improving objective. The gameplay represents the Buddhist reincarnation wheel, where people cyclic reincarnates to learn virtues e lose defects.
Brief Play Description: 

This game was made using Scirra Construct Classic, which can be found here: http://www.scirra.com/construct-classic

The song was entirely composed during the Jam, using the Ableton Live Lite software (http://www.ableton.com/live-lite) with the PooBoy2 VST (http://www.pontonius.se/).


The game is inspired in the Buddhist concept of reincarnation, which says that in each life we live, we must become a better human being. By learning virtues, helping people or overcoming vices and defects, we can them go to a new level of living, to learn differente stuff.

The first level is based on gluttony. The character starts weak and slow, unable to jump and

run. As he eats the food, he turns faster and can jump. But if he eats too much, he then become fat, slow e unable to jump very high. This prevents him of grasping the virtue of self-control, represented by a star in the end of level. If he finish the level without the virtue, the player must "live" to learn this virtue again, until he is ready to face different challenges.

The second level teachs charity, with two different NPCs needing the character's help. The first is an old woman, in need of an escort to meet her granddaughter. She is very slow and only walks when the character is very close to her, making this task a bit boring. The fact that the alternate way is visibly easier and full of money shows that usually, the selfish way is faster, easier, and have better rewards, but that we can't be better persons if we can't choose to improve other persons' lives sometimes. The second helpless person is the granddaughter, that needs someone to carry a ladder to the tree where her cat is stuck. Again, if the player fail to meet the requirements to incarnate in a different life (i.e., a different game level), he will be prevented from getting de virtue symbol.

The third level is about generosity. There is lots of money, and one person in need of some. If you donate a coin to him, you can finish, otherwise you are stuck in this kind of life forever (yes, this level was made in a rush and would have more challenges).

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Programming: Igor Gaudeda and Mariano Burich. Art: Raul Harada and Mariana Camargo. Sound and Music: Daniel Rossato.
Installation Notes: 

Just execute "samsara.exe" within the "release" folder.

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Cool first level!

I like the first level a lot, basically because you teach the consequences of your actions through the gameplay and changes in the character himself.

The character is too fat, so he can't jump.
It's pretty clear why you can't get the oroborus. You choose to eat all the apples, you changed, you failed.

But on the second ant third this isn't so clear. You get to the end and there's a closed door, and you don't get why...

It would be really cool if somehow the fact that you helped the old lady, or shared your money changed the character or the environment in a more logic way, as in the first level.

but overall I liked the game idea a lot

Also the title screen was epic!


Samsara Title Screen Award


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