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Game Information
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Brief Play Description: 

You, the player, are responsible for keeping the balance of the cycle of birth and death in the universe.

On the first half of the cycle, you have to bring the life of the elements to an end (plants so far). Use the arrow keys to move around, space to jump and the "x" key to bring elements to life or to take their lives away.

On the second half of the cycle, you have to bring the elements back to life, thus completing the eternal cycle of life and death.

Failure to end all the life on the first half of the cycle or to restore all life on the second half will not allow you to enter the Ouroboros head portal at the end of the cycle.

The major challenge of the game is to complete the first half of the cycle as fast as possible and the second half even faster, in order to achieve the minimum possible full cycle completion time.

Have fun! Feedback is always welcome!

Diversifiers and Credits
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Installation Notes: 

Ideally any modern web browser, loaded with Flash player plugin (latest version advisable) should be ready to directly open the SWF file attached on this website. You may either open it from the open dialog window from the browser, or dragging and dropping the SWF file on an empty tab.

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Valeu Keli! Value Tobias!

Tobias, a idéia de alternar entre as realidades é excelente! Eu tinha pensado em algo meio Paper Mario no começo do nosso concept, mas a sua idéia é melhor ainda. Traria um desafio a mais para o jogo.

Obrigado pela sugestão.



dá pra explorar bem a história e mecânica que criaram =)


Ótimo concept!

O conceito do jogo é ótimo... talvez e apenas delirando aqui, pudesse ser feito um esquema durante o jogo em que você alternasse as realidades do ciclo ...

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