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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Saplings is a title intended for the PC and Mac platform. The game is a third person puzzle platformer, where the player must modify the environment by planting special seeds that grow through generations. The game observes the story of a clan member and his descendants as they set out to follow an ancient path left by their forefathers, using plants to modify the environment that will allow the next generation (when grown) to reach previously inaccessible platforms.
Mac OS X+
Brief Play Description: 

This is the tale of brave men
who set out to follow the
ancient path left before them
by their forefathers.

Each generation, a member of a Celtic tribe is chosen to follow the sacred path left by his forefathers. It is unknown what lies at the end of this ancient path, if nothing but the promise of a fulfilled destiny.
The game begins as the player sets out on his journey. Completing the six puzzles, the last generation/character to finish finds a special golden seed and plants it. Out from the special seed grows a sacred tree, and the player can track the tree's growth by switching generations, as previously done throughout the game.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
TEAM - Jean-Pierre Michaud (Game Design), Jean-François Bourbeau (Game Design), Gildo Conte (Game Design), Samuel Cadieux (Programming), Steven Bowdridge (Programming), François Vaillancourt (Programming), Ian Wright (2D Art) - MUSIC - "Puzzle Ponder Loop" by Maverlyn Darkstar, "Match Brandon" by Wandschrank, Sound effects generated using "Super Flash Bros 2010" by Tom Vian
Game Files: 
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Welcome to Saplings

Hello and welcome to all the newest members. This website as you may have guessed hosts the game Saplings, created during the Montreal Game Jam. I encourage you all to leave comments on your experience during the Game Jam, and also your comments on the game (when it's out). Obviously keep your comments in a respectful tone, unless "that's the joke". And to french speakers: you are hereby forbidden to use the "graine" joke here. Please use another french term. Like... I don't know... "semence" - No don't use that one!

Have fun!

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