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Señor Destino

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
In Señor Destino you control the mexican version of the grim reaper. It is your destiny to keep the balance between heaven and hell. Slice up poor little mexicans to send them to the side that needs it most. for example: if there are too many angels, create more devils by sending mexicans to hell and vice versa. Devils and angels are able to return to earth to gather souls for their own side to disrupt the balance between both sides.
Brief Play Description: 

Double Click the executable to Start the game. You can control the main character by using the arrow and space or WASD and space. Use the "R" button to move the camera UP and the "F" button to move the camera down.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Tim Remmers: Project Lead/3D Artist - Ramana Kleyn: Concept Artist/Animator/VisualFX - Dion Koster: Programmer/Game Designer - Dillon de Voor: Programmer - Bart Delissen: Music Composer/Sound Designer
Installation Notes: 

1. Double click the executable 2. Select your preferred resolution (1280x720 recommended) 3. Enjoy the game

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