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The Seal of the Ouroboros

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Prometheus is a citizen of Ancient Greece. One day he wakes up into a day that is stuck in an endless cycle. He is able to remember the days passing by, but everyone else does not.
Brief Play Description: 

The game is a 2D top-down RPG style game. The gameplay involves a repeating day, where the character remembers previous days but no one else does. There are no battles or leveling up, but there are several clue driven puzzles to solve.

The game may be played with a keyboard or gamepad. With the keyboard, uses the arrow keys to move and navigate menus, C to select, X to cancel, and Z for menu and close. On a gamepad use the d-pad or analog stick to move and navigate menus, the 1st button to select, 2nd to cancel, and 3rd for the menu and to close.

Gameplay time: 10-30 minutes.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Story and dialogue: James Riley; Custom art assets: Lesley Pahl; Scripting and design: Garuda Illo; RPG Maker XP Engine / RGSS-RTP Assets: Enterbrain, Inc
Game Files: 
Installation Notes: 

There are two file included, the RGSS Runtime installer and the game installer.

Both are require to play but if you have the RGSS Runtime already you may simply download the game.

The game requires Windows XP, Vista, or 7.

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