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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
You start as the beginning of your better; a ravenous, consuming mass in the blackness. Swimming through the sea of darkness, you must gather food to grow or die due to lack of desire. Swallowing polygons of peculiar hues will procure new ways of wandering and consumption, while approaching your prey from different directions will dictate your shape. Chase and consume rare quarry to become the best you can be... but don't bring about your own demise in the process.
Mac OS X+
Linux / Unix
Platform note: 
Programmed in Python
Brief Play Description: 

You start as a small polygon in a nebula of other shapes, your points and a timer view-able in the corner of the screen. Hungry, you must eat other pieces to stay alive, starting with tinier triangles before building up to huge hexagons. Eat certain colors of shapes to receive buffs while avoiding debuff debris that my be easier to eat, but hazardous to your points. Don't get hit while exploring the ongoing world, or it's game over!

Diversifiers and Credits
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Game Files: 
Installation Notes: 

Once downloaded, unzip the file and dive right into dist and run 'main.exe' for play!

Alternatively, it can be run form source if python and pygame are installed. Simply execute python.exe main.py


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Jimmy C

Not Playable

Well, I've downloaded the zip, extracted it, and run the main. I get the start screen; however, once I hit 'enter' the program closes!


Beat This High Score

New high score baby! Beat this! 173300!



Judges onsite recognized Shapescape for:

Honorable Mention: Outstanding Audio

Honorable Mention: Innovative Game Mechanics

Honorable Mention: Outstanding Overall Game



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