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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Short sir kid is a robot boy knight escaping from an all devouring snake worm. You use his superior jumping skills to gain speed and get away from the humongous chomping monstrosity. But watch out! If kid get's too excited about his running speed and trick jumps, he will spin out of control. Use electro shocks to zap some sense into the guy and keep him focussed on the task at hand. We don't want him to drop into one of the many canyons, hit his head or slip and fall victim to the snake worm!
Mac OS X+
Platform note: 
Brief Play Description: 

Short sir kid is a two button sidescrolling platformer. You use (space) to make the robot character jump and (s) to give him an electric shock, which will slow him down. You need to time his jumps and carefully manage his running speed to successfully reach the end of the level. If the robot gains too much speed, he will spin out of control. Jumping and slowing down is considerably more difficult, when the robot is in his out-of-control state.


Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
fwessel - initial idea, unity jockey, scripting, 3d assets, level design cordi - unity jockey, level design, particle fx velglarn - unity jockey, level design, scripting anjinanhut - graphics, animation, sound
Installation Notes: 

Install on Mac:
1. download the short_sir_kid.zip to your hard drive and unzip it.
2. copy the short_sir_kid.app to your hard drive and launch it to start the game.

Install on Windows:
1. download the short_sir_kit.zip to your hard drive and unzip it.
2. copy the short_sir_kid_for_win folder to your hard drive and launch the short_sir_kid.exe within.

Have fun!

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