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Simon Gustafssons Two and a fjers men

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Real life game.
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Brief Play Description: 

Use the mouse to live.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Simon, Olle, Niklas. In this particular order. Redgrim. Tim Garbos, for laughing. And the swedish dudes (and lady), you know who you are. Big shout out to Boomlinde, Falukorvarna, and also Coastal Break. Thank you to The Moose, the most fantastic bar with great wall decorations and nice people. Oh, and thank you to the asshole sleeping under me at the hostel. Sorry, I just have to tell this story: These girls were up at 06:00 and we're going to leave (for germany probably) but someone had stolen their luggage. Naturally they were upset and was talking about it. And we sat up to see what was going on. This asshole tells them: "Will you shut up?". And they react, distrought as they were, byt saying "No!". And he was all like "No?!?!". Then they went outside the room, but the door was open. And we could hear them talking. The asshole gets up and I look at him and try to explain sympatheticly "someone has stolen their stuff". He looks forward, and proclaims "She was fucking rude" walks over to the door and slams it shut behind them. Complete dickery! No love for KFC aswell. Peace. Nordic Shame Jam 2012. Nordic Beer Jam 2012.
Installation Notes: 

Please use this link to play (if your realy don't know what you're doing):

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