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Snake Rumble Runner

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Game Information
Platform note: 
Requires an Xbox Rumble Pad and a Microphone for better game experience
Brief Play Description: 

- You play as a running snake,
- The snake has no hands, so you will play with no hands, the jump is controlled by voice
- The snake use vibrations of the surrounding to localize danger
So as the snake you will use the Rumble vibration info as a way to prevent dangers
- The visual tutorial of the game will let place to a blind game session: black screen, that's all you're gonna see! Trust the Vibes!

How far will you go?

Diversifiers and Credits
GGJ 2012 Diversifiers : 
Eyes Wide Shut: (No graphics) The game has no graphics.
Good Vibrations: (Game contains haptic feedback) Make a game where haptic feedback (e.g. rumble or force-feedback) is a key ingredient.
Team Image: 
- Game Art: Lionel Jabre (LJBTHESHINOBI) - Sound Design Tristan Guiot (DUDORINO) - Fabien Papin (PAPINOVITCH) - Guillaume Martin (Guillaume Swing)
Installation Notes: 

- this will maybe require the XNA 4.0 redist, and the Framework .NET (but you surely have them already installed)

- plug your gamepad (xbox rumble controller) and your microphone

- try to navigate throught the menu with voice (or by using Left and Right control buttons). The menus are experimental regarding the level of noise you make. The game will not feature this level of noise thing, just make enough noise to JUMP!

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