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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
As a world famous thief, you have been contracted by a mysterious employer to steal valuable items from a high security museum. Problem is, he has given you very obscure clues, and you must find the correct item yourself if you want to get paid! Beware of treacherous robot guards and security cameras and avoid getting caught!
other digital platform
Platform note: 
Unity 3D
Brief Play Description: 

As a thief, you have broken into the entrance of a museum. The player is given a clue to the item he must steal and he must navigate the museum and find that item before escaping back the way he came. There is no time limit but there are dangers lurking across the entire museum. Also you must get the correct item, otherwise you won't get paid.

Guard robots patrol each level and it is up to the player to avoid getting caught while avoiding security cameras. Getting caught means you start the level again.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Brian Chan - 3D Modeler Chris Palfreyman - Developer Mike Murray - Developer
Game Files: 
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