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Someone Like Me

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Someone Like Me is puzzle-platform game wherein you control Jack to find and rescue Jacque (a person with a big dilemma). Use Jack's ability to kill himself and reincarnate then use his corpse to overcome obstacles and finish the level.
Microsoft Windows Phone
generic mobile platform
Brief Play Description: 

Control Jack throughout the game . As is typical of most two-dimensional platform games the hero can run left or right and jump or climb onto short ledges.

Jack can used potions for killing himself that can make him rebirth and turn his lifeless body as an object that will stay in the level which can help Jack navigate level obstacles.

S40 - J2ME Controls
Use the 4, 6 keys or left, right button in the dpad to move left or right.
Use the 2 key or up button in the dpad to jump.
Use the 5 key or fire button to drink the potion to turn your current self into a stone which you can then use as a medium to pass a level.
Use right soft key to pause game during game play.

Tap left/right most side of the game screen to move.
Swipe up to jump
Tap Character to drink potion

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Gener Gabasa Anne Rosario Byron Bautista Francesca Barcelona Joseph Requillo Aldrich Siojo
Game Files: 
Installation Notes: 

- requires JRE and microemulator
- or install directly to s40 phones

Windows Phone
-requires Visual studio 2010 w/ Windows phone SDK 7.1

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