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Somewhere Back In Time

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A Wizardry student screws up a potion test, then try to go back in time so he can take the exam one more time. But when he makes the spell go wrong, he gets trapped in one day and have to make the time correct again or the world will end.
built with GameMaker:HTML5
Brief Play Description: 

Fandalg is a very curious wizard apprentice, and is very interested in time traveling spells, but after his first attempt to go back in time, he distorted time and space, and got stuck in a time loop into another version of his familiar magic school. Now he has to find the macig scrolls he lost during his badly-pronounced spell. The game is a exploring side-scroller, divided in various levels where the main character can also find items like running boots, potions and a boost for his wand. But as the times passes by, he gets more tired, and have to gather all the scrolls before his days are over!

Post-Jam Update: The game has faced a lot of bugs in the final hours of development, which we couldn't fix in time. As the purpose of GGJ is to create and colaborate, we think it's ok to continue the developement even after the 48 hours, so we're polishing the game and bug-fixing it thought the next weeks. As a memo, we'll keep the originally posted "final" Jam-version in here, and update it in the game blog, posting the "final-final" version in here as a secondary file.
Hope you all like it =]

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
André Salerno (Programmer); Rafael Tavares(Programming); Marcos Andrade(Programming); João Alexandre (Writing); Bruno Benatti (Level Design); Ygor Fontana (Composer); Anderson Vicente(Composer); Lana Rodrigues(Graphics); Rafael Chiamenti (Graphics);
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Worth the shot

Not an easy game for new comers to the Game Design world, but we pulled an Ugly Demo out of it. The Game Maker didn't helped much but we did our best!

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