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Sonic Brawl - Attack, Decay, Sustain, Victory

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
In the year 2525 Marshall Moshpit, the leader of rock music, has to compete against his most fearful enemy Lord Fonn Ohm, the leader of electronic music. Whoever wins this final battle will gain access to STAMPF:3000, the biggest club in the universe. Choose one of the leaders and crush your opponents party! The game uses the basic game mechanics of a tower defense game. Its unique selling proposition is that it can be played simultaneously and competitive on one screen by two gamers, who can build towers, send creeps and fight in real-time battles. You are always able to see what your opponent is doing, so that you can counter his attacks with different strategies which can be developed due to upgrading your creeps, towers and main characters (Techtree).
Mac OS X+
Brief Play Description: 

The main goal of the game is simple: Whether you or your creeps destroy the opposing headquarter, you’ll win. To achieve this goal, it is necessary for you to collect as many resources as possible to be able to upgrade your assets and overall strength of your creeps and towers. With the help of a well upgraded army you will have a better chance to win the game.

It is important to always make the right decision, dependant on those of your opponent. You can choose to support your troops with your own players weaponry, upgrade different tower and troops at any time. Upgrades can only be done by entering certain factories inside your base or standing besides the assets. An aura will have a positive effect on the level of skill of your assets. To compete with the always present pressure of upcoming enemy creeps, as well as your task to destroy enemy towers, this is an important task with various strategic components.

Creeps are send into battle manually by each player. Depending on the filling level of the creep-meter. You can decide to send less or more creeps at any desired time. But as soon as the creep-meter is full, there are no more creeps added to the waiting line, and will not further enhance the number of troops in battle.

Destroying enemy and neutral assets will give you bonus resources which can be used to upgrade your base or towers. To defend yourself and your own base, it is possible to build defensive towers. Tower can only be build on specific location on the map.

Diversifiers and Credits
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Installation Notes: 

It is required to connect two PLAYSTATION 3 Controllers to your system in order to play the game!

Use the left Analog Stick to control your avatar. The right stick controls his gun, R1 fires it.

With L1 you can access a Tower-Building menu, if you are standing next to one of the yellow marks. Use the right analog stick to
select the tower you want to build.

With the buttons SQUARE and TRIANGLE you can send creeps to the enemy base.

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