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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Find your lost brother in the soundscape of Bagdad. Other possibilities with the concept: interactive audiobooks, experience other cultures and remote location in the palm of you hand. Can also be used as a tool for language and educational purposes.
Brief Play Description: 

Hold the iPhone in landscape orientation (home button to the right)
Use headphones
You navigate using the accelerator. To stand still hold the phone flat. Tilt the phone into the direction you want to move.
To move forward, Tilt the phone forward etc.
Close your eyes and wander around in the immersive sundscape of Bagdad.

Diversifiers and Credits
GGJ 2012 Diversifiers : 
Eyes Wide Shut: (No graphics) The game has no graphics.
Team Image: 
Al-Husseini, M., Alm, E., Kadhem, A., Taher, H.
Installation Notes: 

Unzip and open the project in x-code. Select a code signing of your choice and test on an iPhone.

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