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Space Lobster Escape

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A cataclysmic black hole has appeared and is devouring the game world. The Brave Space Lobster must run away from the Hideous Black Hole for as long as possible before it swallows him.
Platform note: 
Direct X 9 required
Brief Play Description: 

You must run from the black hole through the mazes that appear before you are swallowed. Left and right move the lobster and space bar makes him jump. You gain points as blocks are destroyed by the black hole. The longer you can survive, the more points you will get.

The theme inspiration is from the "futility" of the ouroboros. The snake is circling around constantly eating, but eventually will be consumed.

Press Q at title screen to quit.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Design: Daniel Lyons Lead programer and coordinator of programming events planning committee: Nathan Cox Other Programmers: Patrick Barry Daniel Lyons Art: Derek Lyons Brian Crawford
Installation Notes: 

Need Directx 9 Installed and Directx SDK to build.

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