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Star Chasers

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Grab a friend and join the race towards the stars.
Platform note: 
Uses PrimeSense motion camera, Uses OpenNi
Brief Play Description: 

1) The game is about a cooperation between two players , each controls his own starship.
2) The players control their ships by tilting their upper body left and right, by that moving the ships left and right accordingly.
3) In case of collision between them , the ships will continue pushing each other based on the powers used by the players.
4) The players must work together in order to advance towards their goal , avoid obstacles and collect valuables.

5) At the online version you can start the game by pressing both left and rigt "CTRL" buttons and control the ships by using the "A/D" and "Left/Right" keys.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Barak Segal - Programming; Itay Koren - Graphics; DaniGmaN - Production
Installation Notes: 

1) Download the Game EXE (standalone) file
2) Run the EXE file under GGJ2012_StarChasers_BIN


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