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Play Suicidal Immortal Phoenix



Unable to fly, the Suicidal Immortal Phoenix is trapped in a fiery underworld from which it longs to escape. Although surrounded by danger, each death brings a new life and a continuing interminable boredom.

An idea grew in the phoenix's mind, to the point of obsession. It knew of an ancient pool of water, a rare find in its prison of fire and molten rock. Surely that pool could release it forever from its perpetual torment?

The phoenix must glide and make use of air currents to travel long distances. It long ago learned to make use of geysers to extend its flight, getting as close as possible to get the most lift.

Can the phoenix reach the pool and bring a welcome end to its existence?

Controls: left-right to steer, forward-back to control speed.

Tip: Hover close to base of geysers (pull back) then push forward once you get the updraft for maximum travel.




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