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Play Super Space Snake (In Space)


Gather your friends (or foes) as this game is best played with 3 people. Guide Your Space Snake using either A, G or L, avoid the meteorites, eat the planets then eat your own tail to be crowned the Super Space Snake.

Programming - Daniel Twomey
Art + SFX - Tom Parry
Other Stuff - Dave Callaghan
Music - 10 - Lunar Beach (2009) (4mat) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Global Game Jam Accessibility Challenge List
-Bonus Option – One Button Mode - (player controls their Space snake using one button)
-Bonus Option – Alternative controller Support - (player 1 can use mouse)
-Bonus Option - Make starting the game simple – (can start game just using space)
-Subtitles – (when the snake hiss)
-Bonus Option – Sound alternatives – (all sounds have closed captions)
-Color Blind Friendly – (snakes have patterns as well as colours)
-Bonus Option - High Visibility Graphics – (Large text and bright colours)
-Practice, training, free-roaming and/or tutorial modes – (practice mode using P key)
-List accessibility features and game requirements


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