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Suroboru Eater

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A massive destructive force is expanding and erasing everything through the universe.. Suroboru, a huge cosmical snake creature is in a struggle to survive this cataclism, help him to feed from energy of smaller planets in order to grow bigger and stronger and perhaps stopping this chaos.
Brief Play Description: 

-Move around the planet with Left and Right Keys

-Collect energy (blue)units scattered around the planet whithin the time limit 60 seconds
(some of them are living beings who will try to avoid you)
-Avoid negative obstacles (purple colored) such rocks and other enemies ( they will slow you down and reduce your amount of energy )
-The amount of Energy accumulated is reflected on the Slide bar at the Bottom screen

-Once you have collected enough energy units within the time limit the level is completed :D

-Collecting energy units in a row will make you go faster
-Bunnies are worth much more energy than the Smokey Spheres

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
PROGRAMMING :Tlacaelel Prado Garcia (Tlaca) // 2D/3D ART: Carlos Junior Ramirez De La Torre(Colt3d) **Ivan Aldaz Trejo(Fenrier)**Wenceslao Navarro(Awesum)// MUSIC ARTWORK AND FX : Miguel Solis,Mauricio Gloria and Kolbe Santana Thx a lot !*** MAINMENU MUSIC WORK BY: Jorge Daniel Ortiz Maldonado From Next Gate Music
Installation Notes: 

-Unzip SuroboruEater_Build and play

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el arte de este juego realmente es muy bello y la sencillez de el gameplay lo hace tambien genial


Fawwking Awesome

chido :P, coincido igual contigo aunque no quedo tan divertido como el de ustedes espero poder producir juegos mas divertidos con cada Jam :) cosa que hasta ahorita se esta cumpliendo hehe. Saludos ! te dejo mi tarjeta



Increible el juego! Presumible en cuanto a Arte y concepto, yo si quisiera jugar la idea bien terminada!

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