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Play Time Bomb


Arrows - move
Z - use power up
X - lay down bomb

In a randomized maze, your goal is to reach the exit portal to go back in time to stop yourself stopping your past-selves.

In order to open an exit portal you must clear the map of all your past-selves. To do so use bombs. Press X to set them. Hold X to change the range of the explosion.

Some pick ups items will appear on the map. Walk on them to improve your capacities.
There are 2 different kind of pick ups :
1- The weapon ones :
>+1 bomb increases the max number of bombs in your reserve
>Mine is a one time use weapon that you can lay down anywhere. Anyone who walks on it will make it explode
>Remote bomb is a one time use weapon that allows you to activate the explosion of the next bomb you will lay down by pressing anew on the X key

2- The power ups:
The last power up you picked is automatically stocked in a slot. To use it press the Z key at any time. If your slot is being used and you walk onto another power up, it will automatically replace the existing one.

Every power up can be used once and its effect is limited in time:
> Shield: invincibility
> Clock: slows down you past-selves movements
> Snowflake: freezes your past-selves


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