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Tower of Ouroboros

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
The Ouroboros cult has resurrected the legendary serpent and is trying to end the world. As a member of the Mongoose Order, the player must run along the infinite serpent while sacrificing Ouroboros members. Once the Mongoose deity has been appeased, the serpent will cease to be infinite and the player will face the serpent's head in the final battle.
built with Game Maker (any product)
Brief Play Description: 

2D Side scroller
Game Engine: Game Maker

Arrow Keys = Move/Jump
Spacebar = Attack

Single level - Will continue infinitely until the player makes enough "sacrifices"
Player can move right/left, jump, and attack.
Player also has a health bar worth 100HP.
A player death means restarting the game.

Start with a sacrifice count of 100, must get down to zero by defeating or "sacrificing" enemies.
Once the sacrifice count is down to zero, the snake's head will appear and the player will have to fight it.

Until this happens, the game continues on infinitely (and increases in difficulty and frequency of enemies).

The game action takes place on a single screen on a flat surface, but appears as though the player is constantly running to the right against a stream of enemies on the back of a giant snake.

The scrolling background and ground texture make it appear as though the player is constantly spiraling further upwards.

The player can receive power-ups to augment or change their in-game powers related to damaging enemies, jumping, and health replenishment.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
THE TEAM --> ARTISTS: Brian Deysher, Mike Landon PROGRAMMERS: Drew Wright , James Banville AUDIO: Ian VanGundy-Begeal, Sam Poling, Justin Aloisi LEAD DESIGN: Tom DeKeyser PS: Special thanks from all of us to our musician talent: Sam Poling and Justin Aloisi!
Installation Notes: 

Just download the EXE ("PLAY GAME" link above), run, play, and enjoy! :D

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Absolutey Solid!

Let me echo everyone's sentiments here- this game was only possible because of solid team work and dedication, which honestly were above and beyond. Great job everyone, and I hope to spend some time working together in the future.


Amazing Job Everyone!

I just wanted to thank everyone that helped make this game possible. Everyone one did an awesome job and I couldn't ask to have worked with better people. Thanks everyone and good luck in your futures! Hope to see you all next year!



Thanks to everyone that worked on this! We had a really fantastic team. The game wouldn't have been the same without everyone's amazing dedication and contributions.

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