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Trapped in the Tower of Terror

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
At it's heart, it's a slasher board game, where you hunt down and kill your opponent. However, each player has multiple avatars, and there are ghosts to contend with too, as you wander around the multi-level tower, picking up treasures and equipment along the way.
non-digital (board game, card game, physical game, etc.)
Brief Play Description: 

Each player begins the game with a number of avatars depending on the number of players (1/2/3 avatars for 4/3/2 players).

Avatars are placed randomly by rolling a D6 to decide which floor and a D20 for the room number.
Ghosts start in their specified haunted rooms, one on each floor (except the tower).

Turn order:
1. Roll d6 to determine number of moves allowed for the turn
2. Move avatars, one space at a time, searching each room as you enter, by rolling a D6 (1= find equipment, 6= move an extra space)
3. If an avatar enters a room with treasure in it (chip), that player takes the treasure.
4. If an avatar enters a room which is already occupied by another player's avatar, a conflict ensues. Each player chooses a weapon (concealed) and places it face down in the middle of the battle area. Each player rolls a d6. The weapons are then revealed, and the power ratings added to the dice roll gives the combat score, which is compared. The loser removes his avatar from the board and gives the victor a treasure, if he/she has one.
5. After all moves are used, each opponent moves a ghost 1 space, and if he/she rolls a 6 on a D6 moves any ghost 1 space. If a ghost moves into a room occupied by an avatar, the player controlling that avatar loses 1 treasure (the player that moved the ghost decides which treasure room it's returned to). Ghosts may not enter Ouroboros Portal rooms.
6. If an avatar enters an Ouroboros Portal room, the controlling player rolls a d6 to decide which Portal room the avatar exits to. An avatar in an Ouroboros Portal room may not be attacked.

To win:

1. Eliminate all avatars controlled by other players, OR
2. Collect the majority of the available treasures (8/5/4 for 2/3/4 players)

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Cover script: Kyle Findlay Game Design: Adhil Patel
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