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UROBOROS - nothing dies forever

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
have I ever told you the story of the self-eating snake? they say this snake is ancient like life itself... and its death is the death of everything... but don't get me wrong, nothing ends forever... sometimes the end is only a new beginning... our story begins from the end... a platform game in which you fight monster with your spear and your bow... in order to discover the truth about the Uroboros, a giant snake guardian of the last living star of the universe, Genos will have to face the ghosts from his past...
Brief Play Description: 

jump, run, stab enemies with your trusty spear and shoot arrows, in order to get past the checkpoints... 5 classes of enemies will try to stop you, be ready to dodge their attacks... a short little story will appear in the lower part of the screen to accompany you in the game... the game will be completed soon, hope you like this preview

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Davide cangemi - concept / graphics Marco Bonura - in-game graphics / animations Michele Bontorno and Luigi Cardamone - programmers
Installation Notes: 

step 1 - unzip the archive and open the .exe file called "Game"

step 2 - start the game using Enter

step 3 - use A S D and directions for playing

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