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Valhalla Bikers: Two 4 Trouble

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Two bikers in a race to Valhalla for their lives! 2 Player competitive greatness in epic pixel proportions!
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Brief Play Description: 

Competitive multiplayer race to the finish game with bikers. The screen is divided in 2 parts, the top half has a biker racing from left to right and the bottom half has the other biker racing from right to left while a gigant snake chases them.

When one of the players bumps into an obstacle the snake will eat a part of the screen making it harder to anticipate the hazzards due to the smaller screen.

The players can use power-ups to slow down the other player in order to get to the finish first.

Player 1:

Jumps with A
Throws item with S
Changes item with D

Player 2:

Jumps with J
Throws item with K
Changes item with L

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Installation Notes: 

Just open Valhalla Bikers.swf with your favorite web browser: Firefox, Chrome, Chromium or Safari (yeah, IE isn't a serious web browser).

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It has Everything.. and [Endless] Everything.

Well Well Well, Lets see what we have;

Chains, Sharpie, Feary 'MomAss Wrecking Weapons'
Some hard punisment and dirty tricks for blow your damn opponent.
Rust and grungy look.. Post apocaliptic scenario.
Hot n' Retro punk Lady as a Welcome?

Man, you have to be kidding me!!!
Why the heck this game couldn't be so Great?



La idea me encanta y se mandaron un laburazo para el tiempo que tenían.
Me encanta la estética retro-Sega. Una masa!
Quiero saber más de Valhalla Bikers, y quiero poder jugar contra la PC!


muy bueno esta!!!

muy bueno esta!!!


muito bom !

ahahaha bem divertido! estou esperando meu irmão chegar para poder jogar multiplayer,por enquanto só experimentei os controles...gostei do conceito, bem interessante =]


Nice job!

This and The time i left are definitely the best games ive seen from this game jam! congratulations to the developers!


Thanks a lot ! This is my

Thanks a lot ! This is my favourite game from my other GGJ games so far :D


Thanks a lot ! This is my

Thanks a lot ! This is my favourite game from my other GGJ games so far :D


Thanks a lot ! This is my

[DELETE POST....damm mouse button]


Muy buena onda

El que más me gustó de nuestra sede. Felicitaciones. :D


Muchas gracias!

Gracias, que bueno que te haya gustado.

Tenemos pensado completar el juego agregando algunos power ups mas. Además que todavía no pudimos subir el juego al sitio.

Si estás interesad@ en participar de alguna manera, por mi parte sos mas que bienvenid@.

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