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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
The Jarl screamed in the death of night. A cold glistening sweat coated his brow as he sat up, shaking. The servants scrambled into their master's chambers as they rush to their majesty's side, as his cries echoed through the hall. Not far behind, curious but reserved, was the solemn face of the one person that the Jarl could count on more then anyone else; his only daughter and heir, the Jarlsdotter Valkyrie. Not a true Valkyrie in blood, but just as noble in spirit as her namesake. Hair as gold as Sif, eyes as blue as the vast seas, and skin as fair and as hardened as the diamonds of the mountain. Her beauty was almost as natural as her valor, but you would never have guessed it, by the distress that became apparent in her voice. For her father, the Jarl, meant everything to her. “Father!” she hailed, as the maiden put a warm washcloth to his head, “You yelled like an animal being slain.” The Jarl looked at his only heir with warmth in his eyes, thinking to himself that his daughter was much like her mother. So caring, and yet so serene. A welcome sight to a man old as he. Even the blood of ancient Odin could not keep up with the centuries that have worn and winkled his tired eyes. His hair and beard were almost as white as the mountaintop itself, if only they shimmered with the same gleam. But rather, the dull grey that hovered around the aging Demi-God was as apparent in his mane as it was on his every person. Hardly a man anymore; a few years from a corpse, was anyone's guess. But even he did not suffer such things with a shout. Something was wrong, and everyone in the room hung in the silence as they waited for his explanation. “I am fine,” the Jarl began “however the world as we know it is in peril. Odin spoke as much in my dreams. For in them, was a horrific vision of Odin himself falling into a deep sleep. Its as he always does, every century beyond the sixth. He falls into hibernation for seven days and seven nights. Just enough time for him to rejuvenate from the troubles of the world. And more then enough time for the dreaded serpent Jormungandr to swallow the world anew. I saw it; his wide girth entrapping the circumference of the earth. His eyes gleaming against the stars. His Jaws; his dreaded, venomous jaws. They were open! And Ragnarok sprang forth and destroyed everything. That was my vision. But that will not be our future.” “How so?” “How else? You all know of the legends. Every age, there is a hero who banished the serpent back to hel and whence it came. Strike near the Tail. Sever the spine. Then seal its jaws of fire. That is our way, and that is how it shall be done.” “No, father! With all due respect to you and your throne, we all know that you are in no condition to journey outside your walls.” “I have no intention to journey past any walls. I have faced the Jormungandr before my first century. I have proven myself strong, and that is enough. But you, young lady...” The Jarl jested, grinning as he let a fleeting finger point in her direction, “You have proven to be a fine warrior, and have yet to make yourself known for it.” Valkyrie blinked. “If you are implying what I think you are...” “Implying nothing.” he interrupted, “This is an order from your Jarl and a demand by your father. Not to mention a genuine honor. You have the blood of Odin coursing through your veins. You are disciplined as both a warrior and as a commander. I expect nothing less then to see you succeed me in my lifetime. The world may be in peril, but you will find that this can be quite fortuitous, as you now be labeled Jarl in my stead, as yet another prevention of Ragnarok. I needed an heir, and you need initiation. Your armor is in the barracks and you have seven days. Get going.” And so began the journey of Valkyrie. Day one was spent getting ready for the long journey ahead. Plotting the course from the Ice Caps of Norseland, the desert of Mongolia, and the underbrush of the amazon. All the way to the new world and back, until she would face the creatures choke point amidst the rampant seas. Her only question then was the fact that it would be so simple... But time was not on side. Waraxe in hand, she donned her armor that very night and ventured forth into the frozen tundra. It didn't take long for her to stain her steel with blood. The wolves of the mountain were wary enough of outsiders as it was. The Jormungandr and all of its chaos and commotion stirred their anger towards the human world. Savage blows were exchanged between blade, claw, steel, and fang as she waged a one woman war against the beasts that dwelt on the mountain. There was no other choice; the tail of the serpent needed to bleed, and sat on the summit of the mountain that lay within the wolves' territory. She scaled up the mountain without so much a shiver, slaying those who would kill her and climbing over that which would halt her, she left no room for doubt. Just as well, for the only thing more certain then her determination was the looming, howling figure stop watch from atop the snow laid peak. She meet him there; the pack leader of the mountain known as the Winter wolf. Alpha male of the pack that rest atop the mountain. Their pleasantries were brief, and their motives both were clear. “Why do you dwell on my land?” was what erputed beneath snarling lips and jagged teeth. The Winterwolf growled between syllables as he arched his back forward. “You don't belong here.” “I do not wish to fight, as my quarrel is not with you but with the Jormungandr.” she did not flinch. She did not back away. Whiten knuckles clenched her axe with pride. “His tail rests atop your mountain peak. I will not hesitate to defend myself, but if you would be so kind and...” “I said... you DON'T BELONG HERE!” was the last words exchanged between wolf and warrior. A howl was enough to summon the north winds fury in a typhoon of sleet and cold. Her very armor would have shattered from the cold had she not been as swift. The wolf then charged ahead, teeth bared and lips curled. Barely a challenge for a fighter as learned as Valkyrie. She merely stepped to the side, brought up her axe, and swung just in time for the wolf to run right into the head of her weapon. The wolf was dealt with quickly. Winterwolf slain and no other obstacles ahead, she found find what she was searching for. The tail was just up ahead, finally visible from under the snow as the dawn breaking melted winter ice caps. A single strike was all that was needed to send shockwaves down the spine. She let out a sigh of relief as she saw her work was down. It was time to take it easy. She was just about to sit down on the rock until she heard something in the distance. A...rumbling? No! An avalanche! The ravaging tail of the serpent was bringing down the mountain! A jump, a dodge, and a mad sprint was all that lay between Valkyrie and certain death. Now she could breathe a sigh of relief. And look at the world on level ground. But this is just the beginning. A beginning to a harrowing journey to save the world, claim right to the throne, and prevent Ragnorok from becoming a reality. If only for now.
Android mobile device
other digital platform
Platform note: 
Windows Mobile
Brief Play Description: 

A platforming game in which the object is to dodge the servants of the beast and make it to the end goal.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
(Tim S.)Jarl Wizard - Background Story (Robert O.)Jarl Big O. - Programming (Robert L.)Jarl Frost - Programming (Favian H)Jarl Crunchy Muffins - Advisor/Level Design (Heather M)Jarl MooButts - Lead Art Designer (Jason Z)Jarl Marth - Level Design/Assistant Programming (Kevin C)Jarl Forge - Art Design (Lauren S)Jarl Cer - Art Design (Jace C)Jarl Ender - Data Management (Alexander B) Jarl Xaxel - Sound Credit to Riot Games, for the sound of Valkyrie dying. Credit to App Hub,for the template of the game.
Game Files: 
Installation Notes: 

To play on pc, follow This link, and download the the applications on that site. http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=13890

Then simply double click platformer file. Turn the emulator on its side, press page up to activate the keyboard and enjoy.

To play on the phone you must install the link above and also have zune running on computer, which can be downloaded here http://www.zune.net/en-us/products/software/download/default.htm

Then plugin the phone and open Microsoft visual studio, In Microsoft Visual studio Click on windows phone emulator, and switch it to Windows Phone Device, Make sure Zune is running and click the Play Symbol.

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