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Viktor the Nth

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Viktor the Nth is a 2d Platform Game in which the characters try to fulfill a family's duty.
Mac OS X+
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Platform note: 
Requires Adobe Flash Player 10 or better.
Brief Play Description: 

The player controls one character at a time, and tries to brave the world ahead of him.

But it's a race against time and traps and beasts and obstacles, challenges which ultimately prove impossible for a lone person. But persistence and teamwork pays off.

This is a game about how a family generation work to improve the lives of the next.

Diversifiers and Credits
GGJ 2012 Diversifiers : 
Connectivity: (Two GGJ games that interact) This game somehow interacts with at least one other group’s game.
I know what you did last…: (Game changes between sessions) The game mechanics or content will change in the next play session, based on the actions taken in the previous session.
Team Image: 
Catavento Games: Concept Art & Animation: Daniel Preto - Programming: Fábio Picchi - Tilemaps & Testing: Heloisa Yoshioka - Interface & Writing: Luciana Abe - Level Design: Pedro Câmara - Music Composer & Sound Effects: Patricia De Carli -------------------------------- Resources: Brin Athyn Truetype Font for Windows - 2008 Iconian Fonts - Daniel Zadorozny http://www.iconian.com/; Code for Romanized Number in Actionscrpit 3 - John Spoon - http://etc.joshspoon.com/2008/12/17/how-to-convert-roman-numerals-and-arabic-numbers-in-actionscript-3/; Flixel, by Adam “Atomic” Saltsman - http://flixel.org/index.html; This game uses these sounds from freesound: light 1.wav by TicTacShutUp (http://www.freesound.org/people/TicTacShutUp/sounds/408/); Sword pulled 3.wav by jobro (http://www.freesound.org/people/jobro/sounds/74833/); 02568 loud fight screams.wav by Robinhood76 (http://www.freesound.org/people/Robinhood76/sounds/125767/); 02548 male fight yells.wav by Robinhood76 (http://www.freesound.org/people/Robinhood76/sounds/125414/); 00535 fight shout man hai 1.wav by Robinhood76 http://www.freesound.org/people/Robinhood76/sounds/62684/)
Installation Notes: 

Requires Adobe Flash 10 or better.
Just download the .swf file and run it!

PS: Due to some technical issues, you are more likely to get the most up-to-date files with the alternative Download URL.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience. :C

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WOW! :)

Awesome! Very good story, design and animation!

This is the game of our team. Hope you enjoy it! :)


It Reminds me Zelda SS and DemonSouls somehow...

I loved how you can push blocks, or activate levers so u create shortcuts for when u revisit the level.
(Reminds me of Zelda SS pushing logs feature).

Also very nice when you die and the next time there's a gravestone, so you can keep track of which path is safe.(Reminds me of DemonSouls "bloodpool on the ground when u die" feature)

The thematic, where the burden of the parents passed to the child.

I loved the game guys!!
Congrats =D


Sorry guys xD

When you reach the game's ending it freezes (it was supposed to display an ending screen but we couldn't upload that version in time).

Thank you all for playing our game =)



Awesome :D

Loved the game didn't finished it yet, but I love the idea and the design! :D

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