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The Void

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Game Information
Brief Play Description: 


Our Plan was to make a dark 3d 3rd Person Platformer

where your objective was to make it through the level

and upon reaching the end you'd get sent back to the

beginning of the level. The dificulty of the level

would be increased a little and you would have to get

to the end again. This cycle would be repeated one more

time. Some of the ways we would increase the levels wouldv'e

been with objects that changed based on the level number, for

example we had a vine that would just block your way

on the first play through, then on the second play through

the vine had spikes and if you touched it you died, and finally

on the third play through the spikes on the vine would periodically

grow upward suddenly and then retract.

We interpreted the theme as a repeating cycle and we

incorperated this by having you play (pretty much) the same

level three times.

When running use mouse to turn camera and the

arrow keys to move.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Name Role Jason (Jax211) Nanak Programmer Jorge Murillo Designer / Artist Kevin Forshey Programmer Kevin Smick Artist Matt Parker Programmer
Installation Notes: 

The Void.zip contains everything needed to run what we were able to finnish.

The_Void_Source_Code_Assets_Solution_File.zip is what its name implies it's all the source code, assets, and the Visual Studios solution file..

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