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What Goes Around, Comes Around

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A Backyard Origami Club Production. Created at Global Game Jam '12 at DePaul University. Director's cut includes cooking tips.
Brief Play Description: 

Xbox Controller controls (connected to PC):
A: Select(menu)/ jump
B: Go back (menu)
Left stick: Movement (left, forward; right, back/ Menu navigation (up, down)

Keyboard Controls:
Enter: Select (menu)
Backspace/delete/Escape: Go back (menu)
Up/ down arrow keys: Menu navigation
A: Backward movement
D: Forward movement
Space: jump


You are on a world with hardly anything on it but basic land and stars. Move around the world to collect these stars for the world to undergo a sense of rebirth. You too will also improve as you will travel around the world. But be careful not to stay still or go in the wrong direction as this will cause the world to decay, which can prove fatal to you and the world.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Matthew Baran- Producer, Design Lead, Animator, Sound Engineer; Pitchatarn Lertudomtana- Lead Programmer; Diego Guerrero- Core Programmer; Chase Kustra- 3-D Artist (Character, Environments, & Textures); Phil Vanderveen- General Programmer; James Becker- General Programmer Special Thanks to the Sound Design team at DePaul's Global Game Jam: Joesph Marcus, Jason Toy, Jake Garcia
Installation Notes: 

Download, unzip, copy "Read me into desktop, follow instructions on "Read Me", enjoy.

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