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What Kills Me Makes Me Stronger

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Game Information
other digital platform
Platform note: 
Built in StencylWorks for Flash (Web)
Brief Play Description: 

(Won the 'Best Use of Theme' Award!)

Anything that can kill you will make you stronger. Puzzle your way through the levels by taking on an attribute of the enemy or obstacle that last killed you. Being killed by water allows you to stand in water without drowning and then raise or lower the water level. Being killed by a fish allows you to swim. Birds make you fly. Thunderclouds give you an electric charge for switches.

Left/right to move
Up to jump
Spacebar for your special ability

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Programming: Anup Doshi (adoshi), Gustavo Samour Game Concept: Anup Doshi (adoshi) Gameplay and Level Design: Noah Schnoll (ark86) Artwork: Bryce Munz-Fassler, Zhaowen Zeng Music and Sound Effects: Mike Skalandunas Project Management: Noah Schnoll (ark86)
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