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The World Tree

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Due to some unspecified catastrophic disaster ( That was probably the fault of the planet's inhabitants, if you think about it. ), the planet of Ester has been torn apart inside out! All that remains is the somehow magical World Tree of Ester, the only thing holding the last chunk of Ester intact, Atmosphere and all, against the spontaneous fires that are an after effect of the cataclysm. Unfortunately the forces behind the disaster are far from finished, and the World Tree must create saplings of itself by taking the water in whatever's left of the atmosphere, and THROWING INTO SPACE in the vain hope that they might land on a habitable chunk of rock. Hey, it's sentient tree. Who are we to judge?
Brief Play Description: 

Objective: Take care of the World Tree

The player must collect all the water droplets that are falling in order to either give it to the World Tree or use it to destroy the drought.

Seeds - The World Tree constantly drops seeds that grows to different normal trees.

Drought - the drought is responsible for destroying the World Tree. The player must prevent the drought from coming near the World Tree by giving it water that the player have collected.

The game will end if the World Tree dies.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Charles Defensor - Programmer Thadddaeus Brilliantes - Programmer Danica Esguerra - Designer, Artist Carlo Chua - Designer, Artist, Sound Engineer Gino Casas - Designer, Artist Joseph Roxas - Designer, Artist Candice Dy - Designer, Artist, Sound Engineer
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