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Worm Will Eat Itself

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A literal, shallow but fun interpretation of the theme. You control a worm that must eat itself from the rear end forward, consuming as many segments in 30 seconds as possible. Be careful not to consume segments in the middle of the worm as that will disconnect the tail end which will die off and can't be consumed! This was a 6 hour gamejam since I wasn't available on Friday or Saturday - just Sunday afternoon. To make it in the compressed timescale, it borrows some aspects from my 2011 game, The Worm Turns - http://globalgamejam.org/2011/worm-turns except that this year I used completely different tech: Flash, ActionScript, Flixel and Box2D (instead of Python, PyGame & PyBox2D).
Mac OS X+
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Brief Play Description: 

Use W, A, S, D to control a worm that must eat itself from the rear end forward. The worm uses a full physics simulation to control its movement.

Consume as many segments in 30 seconds as possible. You can see a count in the top left of the screen, and the countdown timer in the top centre.

Be careful not to consume a segment in the middle of the worm as that will disconnect the tail end and it will die off and can't be consumed!

Press R if you want to end the game and restart before the 30 seconds is up.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Programming: Dodge Art: maxxor
Installation Notes: 

Just click on the "Play Game" link at the top right just above the screenshot to play it in your browser - NO DOWNLOAD REQUIRED!

Click on the file above marked FLASH FILE - LOAD IN BROWSER and you should be able to play Worm Will Eat Itself right here, no download required.

Download the zip file, unzip, and open WormWillEatItself.swf in Adobe Flash player, or drag and drop it into any browser (e.g. Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) on a computer that has Adobe Flash Player installed.

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Thanks for the comments!

beetlefeet: gahh, why didn't I think of "The Worm Returns"?! Or why didn't you think of that on the day?! It would have been perfect!

KillbotExtreme: thanks! You're right, it's badly lacking in the audio department - this is the area I always neglect in games, which is a shame because it really deserves more attention. Also would have been nice to have a big toothy chomping animation when eating segments.

I was also toying with an idea of making the arrow keys control the tail end of the worm - seems like it would make it fun but maybe too easy. Would also encourage two player lols - one controlling the head, one controlling the tail.


Really fun

Out of all the Perth entries, I played this the most. It could do with some music and sound though. My high score is about 26.


fiendish as usual

Good learning curve again on this one Rob. Seems impossible for the first couple tries until you learn some of the quirks of the behaviour. I think you could have also called it "The worm (re)turns" :P
Nice work for 1/8th of the normal time!

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