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The Youthening

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
You're an old man, but you're tired of being old. Summon a demon to help regain your youth... at a price.
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Brief Play Description: 

As an old man, you're sick of your old age. You want to feel the thrill of youth once again. In the secret confines of your latrine, you conduct an arcane ritual to summon forth a demonic servant. With his help, you will find a way to restore your youth.


  • Mouse - move
  • Click - fireball

Old Man:

  • 'a' key - move left
  • 'd' key - move right
  • 's' key - sap youth
  • 'w' key - worship demon

Control the flying demon with your mouse. A click of the mouse will summon a fireball and stun civilians below.

The old man is controlled with the keyboard. The 'a' key is used to move left, and 'd' to move right.

As civilians start walking by, you must stun them with the demon, then run up to them with the old man and sap their youth by rapidly pressing the 's' key.
The demon requires power to continue, or he'll be forced back to... wherever he came from. Don't let his power run out! When he's running low, a red shrine will appear on the ground. The old man must run to it and rapidly press the 'w' key to worship and regain power.

As you progress, beams of holy light will attempt to impede your progress. Keep your old man out of the light, or he'll lose his hard-earned youth! Likewise, keep the demon away from the beam or he'll lose power more quickly.

Ah, to be young again~

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Saam Pahlavan: Programming and Design, Sebastien Vakerics: Art, Animation, and Design, Matt McConnell: Systems, Sound, Design, and other...stuff.....
Game Files: 
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