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Game Information
Mac OS X+
Platform note: 
Brief Play Description: 

Yu Iop 5 is an asymmetrical multiplayer game for 2 where each player try to win each other: The Runner and 'Da Boss'

As a runner, you will survive as long as you pick up Uroboros Rings and dont collide with Da Boss' traps. You're size
will decrease over time and when firing fireballs. You're fireball will help you to destroy the enemy traps, but each
shot will make you weaker. In addition, at the end of every cycle to the world, you will face yourself with the size you had
at the end of the previous cycle. If you are smaller (Weaker) than your oldself, you won't pass further, and the game will over.
However, if you are bigger than the old, you will gain his strength and continue with the fight.

As Da Boss, you will try to stop the runner to go further in his journey. Put traps in his way as you get TRAP CARDS from the evil deck.
You must put traps in the places that avoid the runner achieving more Uroboros rings. You won't be able to kill him directly, only when
facing his old image will be the way to defeat it. While in the stage of end of cycle, Da Boss can't use
traps, it would be unfair! Use set of cards to get powerful powers and piss off your opponent!

Types of items, traps and cards:
Uroboros Ring: It will give power to the runner.
Mirror: The mirror is a powerful card that creates a mirrored enemy of the runner. Try to kill him with traps.
Hold: A blocky wall will appear in the lane. It will make damage on the runner.
Swap: The swap will change the controls for the runner!
Speed Up: The runner will run faster, and the cycle's ends will come earlier! But the time speed will be the same...
Slow: The opposite of the Speed Up. The runner will get weaker while he move so slow.
Petra: A disk with the power of Medusa, it will convert the runner into a statue, so he won't move for a while!


Runner: Move your mouse from left to right, left click for jumping and right click to shoot a fireball!

Da Boss: use the numbers of the keyboard (1-5) to select the lane where you want to set the trap. Every card you use, will appear in the last
lane you press (1 = left side, 5=Right side). Then, to use a card from your hand, press the letters Y,U,I,O or P. (Y=Left card, P=Right card).

Jose Roberto "Chepe" for sounds and effects and his endless commitment
The team Girocraft of GiroWorld for sharing this faboulous table

Assets References:
http://recursostic.educacion.es/bancoimagenes/web/ for some sounds
Stonehenge tipografy : Mike Wolf (dafont.com)

Diversifiers and Credits
GGJ 2012 Diversifiers : 
Asymmetry: (Every player is different) The game requires more than one player, but each player has entirely different goals and rules.
Team Image: 
Félix 'Nekete' Martín - Design & Programming Javier 'Gerald' Lupiáñez - Art, Design & Programming Sergio 'Droxman' Valverde - Design & Programming
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